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Farm Location

Gambella , Godere woreda

What Makes us Unique

We shine among coffee exporters in various ways.

Standard Specialty

Our Standard Specialty Coffees are an excellent balance of quality and value. Standard lots can be just as good in the cup as more traceable coffees, but due to economies of scale, can come in at lower prices. These coffees are the workhorses in many coffee blends, and can also be used as stand-alone offerings.

Attention to detail.

Growing and processing coffee requires it. Roasting and serving requires it. We think the same attention to detail should be paid at all points in between. Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service while importing coffees from all major producing origins. Our origin relationships have been built largely through thousands of cupping sessions with producers, millers, and exporters. As a result, we have developed a common purpose and language with some of the most quality-focused producers around the world..


Whether working with cooperatives consisting of thousands of small holder farmers, or large private estates, we see enormous benefits in transparency across the supply chain, and in connecting roasters to farmers. Collaboration leads to improvements in both coffee quality and farmer incomes..