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Farm Location

Gambella , Godere woreda


We are Qaro Coffee

Qaro farm is located in Godere woreda, Gambela region. The area is covered with dense natural forests where coffee trees have evolved. Qaro means coffee in native community, Majang, language, an ethnic group found inhabited at the area. The Mezhenger discovered the area when they moved for hunting. They saw the area vastly covered with coffee trees and named it ‘Qaro’.

The plantation established in 2011 on 365 hectares of land and started harvesting in 2016. The farm uses improved agricultural practice to enhance productivity, quality and profitability. It follows environmentally friendly approaches and supplies discriminated and high quality traceable products to the world market.

The productivity of the farm is increasing and ensures annual production of over 300 MT coffees. We have demonstrated best performance in the Region in which we have been awarde with 353 ha of additional land to expand total area to 708.76 ha. Furthermore, we are collaborating with surrounding small holder coffee producers to back up them with improved practices and establish a strong value-chain linking them to the world coffee market.

The company is a member of Ethiopian Coffee Growers and Exporters Association and Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce.

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Our company gives highest attention to quality in all stages of production. We maintain traceability of various Arabica coffee origins including varietal, altitudinal, and specialty such Gurmet coffees. We comply with organic, Rainforest alliance and UTZ standards for both washed and sundried green beans.

Sustainable Supply

The company works to supply top quality and discriminated Arabica coffee origins sustainably to global market.

We are Expert

We primarily focus to supply handpicked coffee from own farm located at homeland of Southwestern Ethiopia. We work to the best of our capacity to satisfy our coffee buyers and establish long term business relationship. We are also serving as bench mark and model to the proximal small holder farmers working very friendly and collaborate to fill their gaps as much as possible.